Emergency food for families in crisis
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Croydon Food Bank
Start date:  31/07/2013
End date: 31/07/2025
Charity number:  1077422

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Recent Donations

DonatorDateAmount DonatedGift Aid AmountMessage
Jacqui Wright15/01/2021£10.00£2.50Thank you
Ruth Thomas15/01/2021£113.40£28.35To the AMAZING staff at Croydon Foodbank, Please find your share of the money raised through the release of my debut childrens book MISS KELLY AND THE BLASTED BERRY BATTLE : Thank you for all you do for the community. Best wishes, Ruth
Anonymous14/01/2021£50.00£12.50Thank you for everything you do.
Anonymous person13/01/2021£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Vijaya bhadeshia13/01/2021£150.00£37.50Please help the families who need food on the table!!
Anonymous person12/01/2021£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person12/01/2021£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Anonymous12/01/2021£20.00£5.00God bless everyone
Anonymous person12/01/2021£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous12/01/2021£10.00£2.50Keep up the great work! Thank you for what you do.
Anonymous person12/01/2021£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person11/01/2021£100.00£25.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person08/01/2021£15.00£3.75Anonymous person
Anonymous person08/01/2021£40.00£10.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person05/01/2021£15.00£3.75Anonymous person
Anonymous03/01/2021£100.00£25.00Well done with the excellent work you do
Anonymous02/01/2021£200.00£50.00With love and thoughts at this difficult time x
Anonymous person01/01/2021£40.00£10.00Anonymous person
Anonymous31/12/2020£50.00£12.50All the best for 2021!
Chris Yard10/11/2020£60.00£15.00Better here than paying to watch the football
Anonymous06/11/2020£1,208.00£302.00For the children of the Borough and their families. With love
Anonymous person02/11/2020£100.00£25.00Anonymous person
Dan Davis30/10/2020£15.00£3.75Still not giving the money to the premiere league!!
Louis and elle30/10/2020£30.00£7.50Keep up the excellent work, you’re making a massive difference!
Anonymous person29/10/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person28/10/2020£51.00£12.75Anonymous person
Anonymous27/10/2020£30.00£7.50Please help the kids and keep them feed! Thank you God bless
Anonymous26/10/2020£40.00£10.00Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing! All the best to your team!
Anonymous person26/10/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Anonymous26/10/2020£10.00£2.50Thank you for all of your hard work and for keeping people fed during this difficult year
Anonymous person25/10/2020£25.00£6.25Anonymous person
Anonymous25/10/2020£20.00£5.00Thank you for keeping kids fed x
Anonymous person24/10/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person24/10/2020£5.00£1.25Anonymous person
Anonymous person24/10/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Marion Julia23/10/2020£50.00£12.50to help prevent school children going hungry during the holidays
Dan Davis 23/10/2020£15.00£3.75I’d rather give my money to you than to the football TV broadcasters
Anonymous person21/10/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person17/10/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person16/10/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person07/10/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person06/10/2020£30.00£7.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person04/10/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person04/10/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous01/10/2020£100.00£25.00Thank you. God bless you all and keep you safe.
Anonymous person29/09/2020£30.00£7.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person29/09/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person24/09/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person21/09/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
Zora and Ben18/09/2020£30.00£7.50Thank you for doing this work in our community!
Anonymous03/09/2020£10.00£2.50God bless you all.
Anonymous person25/08/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person20/08/2020£15.50£3.88Anonymous person
Anonymous person18/08/2020£55.00£13.75Anonymous person
Anonymous22/07/2020£20.00£5.00May you continue to do God’s work
A life of liberty 19/07/2020£35.91£8.98May this bless as many as possible
Anonymous person18/07/2020£2,000.00£500.00Anonymous person
Julie and Nigel13/07/2020£20.00£5.00Best wishes
Anonymous person03/07/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous26/06/2020£160.00£40.00Keep up the good work from London South Employment Tribunal
Anonymous person25/06/2020£100.00£25.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person19/06/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person18/06/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person16/06/2020£50.00£12.50Anonymous person
julius griffin16/06/2020£18.00£4.50hoping we can show solidarity and share the resources people need in these times, I would give more and will support in future.
Anonymous person15/06/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person15/06/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person13/06/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person11/06/2020£30.00£7.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person07/06/2020£10.00£2.50Anonymous person
Anonymous07/06/2020£100.00£25.00Its not much, but a small help for those who have been hit hardest by this crisis.
Anonymous03/06/2020£50.00£12.50Not much but I hope it can help to provide food for those in need
Anonymous person03/06/2020£68.00£17.00Anonymous person
Anonymous30/05/2020£20.00£5.00Thank you for the incredible work you have been doing.
Anonymous24/05/2020£30.00£7.50Jesus is Lord. Thank you for your hard work.
Anonymous20/05/2020£50.00£12.50Thank you for being there.
Anonymous person17/05/2020£200.00£50.00Anonymous person
Anonymous17/05/2020£40.00£10.00Thanks for all the good work you are doing.
Anonymous person16/05/2020£5.00£1.25Anonymous person
Anonymous person15/05/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Alice14/05/2020£10.00£2.50A little donation for those most in need. Thank you!
Anonymous person12/05/2020£100.00£25.00Anonymous person
Anonymous person12/05/2020£100.00£25.00Anonymous person
Olivia and Emma11/05/2020£70.00£17.50Thanks for all that you do to help communities!
Anonymous11/05/2020£20.00£5.00Thank you for all you are doing.
Anonymous10/05/2020£50.00£12.50Thank you for giving back to community!!
Anonymous10/05/2020£250.00£62.50To show we ARE all in this together.....
Freddie and Amy10/05/2020£5.00£1.25Happy to donate what I can
Anonymous person08/05/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Rebecca D07/05/2020£100.00£25.00Heroes! Keep up the good work.
Ryan07/05/2020£25.00£6.25Thank you
Wendy Freer06/05/2020£20.00£5.00Keep up the amazing work
Reza06/05/2020£10.00£2.50Keep up the amazing work!
Anonymous person04/05/2020£25.00£6.25Anonymous person
Gina04/05/2020£50.00£12.50Thank you for all you are doing
Anonymous person04/05/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person
Anonymous04/05/2020£10.00£2.50Thank you for helping those in need
Anonymous person03/05/2020£250.00£62.50Anonymous person
Anonymous person02/05/2020£20.00£5.00Anonymous person

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