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Start date:  25/07/2014
End date: 25/07/2017
Charity number:  1093453

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Trinity Presbyterian Church is a vibrant branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in the United Kingdom.

We aim to share and spread the teachings of Christ through the Presbyterian tradition amongst Ghanaians and the wider communities living in the UK and in particular, London.

Trinity Presbyterian Church is a registered charity in the UK and legally all charities must carry out charitable purposes for the Public Benefit. The advancement of religion is a recognized charitable purpose. The Trustees referred to the Charities Commission’s guidance on provision of Public Benefit as best guide and practice to follow. We used the guide in setting and planning our activities and also use it to review our plans for the future. This ensures that the activities we undertake are of charitable nature, and also meets the charitable aims and objectives of the church.

The Trinity PCG takes its responsibility as a charity seriously. The Church has always contributed a great deal to promote community development, integration and social cohesion to the community and will continue to do so. The Church seeks to be as inclusive as possible in its work and strives to reach out to people of all ages from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our aim is to involve many people as possible of which are facilitated by volunteers.

Our worship activities are open to anyone within the local community from which the church operates, an also from outside the local community. Our church hall is an important local resource and is used by local groups not directly connected to our Church for their own activities and events. The Church has forged strong links with local groups and supports them in their activities. The trustees confirm that public benefit has been provided by increasing access to its services and activities to diverse beneficiaries in the community and also monitored.
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Trinity Presbyterian Church Of Ghana, London Congregation

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